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Our Mission

our mission

The Brown Emergency Medicine Residency trains emergency physicians to the highest quality clinical standards as residents learn, grow, and lead. Our four year academic program will prepare residents to become clinical, academic, and service leaders in the field of emergency medicine.

We strive to provide evidence-based, socially equitable, and compassionate care to the diverse population of Southeastern New England. We value teamwork and an interdisciplinary approach to meet and exceed the needs of our patient population.

We are dedicated to intellectual rigor and collaboration. Through connections with our world class learning institutions, we work to innovatively solve the problems facing modern medicine and our communities.

We prioritize wellness as a central tenet of the whole physician and strive to develop a culture that not only supports individuals through the challenges of residency, but also instills habits that promote a healthy work-life balance throughout one’s career.

Finally, we stand united in our belief that addressing the social determinants of health is integral to provide the highest quality care, and we actively promote equity in healthcare delivery.


this is brown emergency medicine

PD Message
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From the Program Director

Welcome to Brown!


I am excited you are interested in learning more about Emergency Medicine training at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, located in the historic city of Providence. There is a tremendous amount of information you can learn about our 4 year training Program here on our Residency website (developed by our fabulous residents!) and there is more information about our faculty on our Department website.  As a brief introduction, I will highlight our Mission and the unique learning experience you will be a part of when you choose to train with us.

brown emergency medicine blog

This is where we create high-quality, up-to-date, open access emergency medicine educational content for our residency and the world beyond.

Comment on your colleagues’ posts, or respond to others’ comments. Question, teach and share. Subscribe to this blog so you know when new posts are up and you can check them out.

Ultrasound guided IV

Trouble placing ultrasound-guided IVs? Check out this post by Dr. Michael Tcheyan for some great tips.


A simple case of diverticulitis? Maybe not. Find out more from this post by Dr. Michael Wilk.


What is icthyosis? Dr. Joshua Kaine tells you in this tale from his time in Honduras.


We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our 14 new interns, who hail from 12 different medical schools in DC, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Tennessee. 

They all bring an amazing breadth of academic talent and experience, and are sure to enrich our Brown EM family. Their official photos and profiles are coming soon!

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Brown EM Video
Contact us

contact us

Your message has been sent. We strive to get back to you within 3 business days. If you do not hear from us, please contact us directly by phone.

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Brown Emergency Medicine

593 Eddy Street

Claverick 100

Providence, RI 02903

physical address

Brown Emergency Medicine

55 Claverick St.

1st floor

Providence, RI 02903

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