Shihab Ali, MD
Alisa Anderson, MD
"RI Hospital has both a high volume and large catchment area, so the diversity of pathology and opportunities to learn are pretty endless. The faculty and residents are well connected, passionate about teaching, and fun-loving. Providence is a unique little city with great food and easily accessible nature. It was everything I was looking for in both a program and a place to live!"
Timothy Boardman, MD
Paul Cohen, MD
Jonathan Fletcher, MD
"I was fortunate to have completed one of my Sub-I’s with BrownEM. I had a great experience and was tremendously impressed. The people are outstanding, the program is excellent, and Providence is a great place to work and live."
William Galvin, MD
"The residents are incredibly happy. The faculty is down to earth, very enthusiastic, and value resident well-being. Brown has the resources to pursue basically any interest you have and gives you a lot of elective time to do so."
Travis Hase, MD
Robyn Levine, MD
Alyssa Mierjeski, MD
Ravi Sarpatwari, MD
Alexandra Schick, MD
"Brown truly offers everything that you could want in a residency program. The faculty are dynamic, diverse, and invested in resident education. We work at a high volume, urban emergency department that serves as the safety net for the community, but we also get all of the resources and diversity of pathology that comes along with being in a large academic center."
Jessie Werner, MD
"I was told throughout the interview process, "go with your gut." I kept waiting for that gut feeling and it finally came on my last interview -- here at Brown. I loved the people and I knew I would get incredible training here. Most importantly, Brown's value system matches mine."
Michael Wilk, MD
"Brown offers a large, comprehensive and rigorous academic training experience with an incredibly diverse patient population. I knew if I came here to train, I would be prepared to handle anything beyond residency. Outside of the strong clinical experience offered at Brown, I was so impressed by the warm residency leadership and countless opportunities for career development. Watching the obvious camaraderie and genuine happiness between residents during my interview day made it number one."
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