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"...I was lucky enough to have been selected to complete an away rotation at Brown, where I fell in love with the program. I was amazed by the incredible volume and acuity I was exposed to, which is afforded by Rhode Island Hospital’s huge catchment area. I even got to do my first real intubation while I was on my rotation! Also, the lectures and conferences were impressive: educational, fun, and challenging. The residents and faculty were both great teachers and welcoming people; I knew I wanted them to be my role models and that I wanted to be their colleague. Additionally, at this time in my career, I am planning on going into medical education, so the faculty appointment at the Warren Alpert Medical School as a resident offers a unique opportunity to build that skill set. I am very grateful to have matched at this incredible program—I cannot say enough wonderful things about it!. "



Ridgefield, CT


Emory University

Medical School:

University of Connecticut School of Medicine


Dancing, Football, fitness training, dining and spending time on the beach

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