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our mission.

We are a four-year academic residency program dedicated to providing the highest quality education in emergency medicine.


Our goal is to develop emergency physicians with exceptional compassion and knowledge.


We inspire the highest professional standards as clinicians, scholars and leaders in emergency medicine.​


From the Program Director.

Welcome to Brown!


I am excited you are interested in learning more about Emergency Medicine training at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, located in the historic city of Providence. There is a tremendous amount of information you can learn about our 4 year training Program here on our Residency website (developed by our fabulous residents!) and there is more information about our faculty on our Department website.  As a brief introduction, I will highlight our Mission and the unique learning experience you will be a part of when you choose to train with us.

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This is where we create high-quality, up-to-date, open access emergency medicine educational content for our residency and the world beyond.

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Trouble placing ultrasound-guided IVs? Check out this post by Dr. Michael Tcheyan for some great tips.

A simple case of diverticulitis? Maybe not. Find out more from this post by Dr. Michael Wilk.

What is icthyosis? Dr. Joshua Kaine tells you in this tale from his time in Honduras.


who we are.


We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the newest intern class! We now have 14 fresh faces ready to join the BrownEM family, which reflects our most recent complement increase this recruiting cycle.


The 5 women and 9 men (a flip from last year's 8 women and 5 men) hail from medical schools in 11 different states: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. They bring 6 AOA and 1 Gold Humanism awards, two identify as Hispanic or African American, and they bring an amazing breadth of academic talent and experience to the BrownEM family. 


contact us.

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Brown Emergency Medicine

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Brown Emergency Medicine

55 Claverick St.

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Providence, RI 02903

Emergency Medicine | Brown University | 593 Eddy Street, Claverick 100 | Providence, RI 02903

Phone: (401) 444-6489 | Email:

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